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Motorola LS750 Prayer Pager w/quarterly service plan selected
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PagersDirect Pager Service Rate Plans


PagersDirect Pager Service Rate Plans...

PagersDirect offers local pager service in most areas of the USA. We also offer 800/888 toll free numbers, voicemail, extended range and many other options customized for your pager.

Our Superior Service includes:

  •  Maintenance which will replace your pager free if it fails under normal use.
  •  5000 monthly page allowance, more than enough pages to avoid being charged for overcalls (1)
  •  Customer referral program which entitles you to a $10 service credit for each pager with a new annual service plan that is  activated by the person or company that you referred.
  •  Convenient Hours of Operation:  PagersDirect is open to serve you daily from 10am to 7pm eastern time Monday through  Friday with online support available 7 days a week including closed holidays.

Basic Local Area Coverage Payment Options (rates effective 11/10/2009)

Click Here for the PagersDirect Rate Plan Price Match Policy


PagersDirect Base Rate Plans

Payment Interval

Payment Rate Monthly Message Allowance



Plan Included





5000 per month





(3 month prepayment)




5000 per month





(6 month prepayment)

(available on select pager promotions)




5000 per month





(12 month prepayment) 

Free Pager Offers Available




5000 per month





(24 month prepayment)


Free Pager Offers Available


$ 9.95/month


5000 per month




Alpha-Numeric Service



add an additional $7.00/month to the base numeric rates listed above


5000 messages per month via pager phone number or email address.




2-Way Paging


Flat rate of $39.95 for unlimited email messaging via the 2way paging network (Motorola T900 and Sun Telecom ST902 pagers)

The Zipit® Now™ base rate plan is just $32.95/month for unlimited text messaging, emails and 5000 numeric pages per month.

Discounts are available for the The Zipit® Confirm™ pager app




*Zipit Now 2-way pagers have a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Units that malfunction after 12 months will be replaced at a reduced cost  depending on the issue with the unit.


 **Monthly rate is only available for existing customers wishing to switch to monthly payments.  There is a minimum 3 months of service required with all pagers purchased with NEW activation with the exception of our virtual paging service.



Phone Number Options Monthly Rate Description

Local Pager Phone Number


included with base service


Local pager phone number for your city (if no local numbers are available, the next closest phone number for a neighboring city will be assigned)


Toll Free Pager Phone Number




Toll Free 800/877/888 phone number can be called from anywhere in the USA. (may be payphone blocked)




Coverage Options Monthly Rate Description

Local Coverage


included with base service


Approximately a 90 mile radius from the major city in your area is where you will receive pages with local coverage


Regional Coverage




Expands local coverage area by one region.

Example: If local home area is Southern New Jersey and you would like Northern New Jersey/New York City added, this would be considered REGIONAL COVERAGE. In most cases, regional coverage expands local coverage to Statewide Coverage.


Full Regional Coverage




Expands local coverage by two regions. In most cases two neighboring states.

Example: If local home area is Southern California, but you would like to add Northern California as well as Arizona, and Las Vegas (states of California, Nevada and Arizona) this would be considered FULL REGIONAL COVERAGE.  If you are unsure if you need Regional, Full Regional or Nationwide Coverage, please call PagersDirect at 1-877-472-4370 before ordering.


Nationwide Coverage




Expands coverage to all areas within the United States that are covered by the paging systems.



Voicemail &
Greeting Options

 Monthly Rate Description 

Generic Voiceprompt


FREE upon request


 When Callers dial your pager phone number, they will hear a greeting that says "Please enter your numeric message at the sound of the tone"


Custom Voiceprompt


FREE upon request


Custom VoicePrompt allows you to record your own greeting up to 15 seconds long that your callers will hear when they call your pager phone number.  Also includes Numeric Retrieval


Junior Voicemail

 FREE upon request


 Junior Voicemail holds up to 5 messages for between 4 and 12 hours (storage time is paging carrier dependent) with a 15 second message length and 15 second outgoing greeting. Also includes Numeric Retrieval


Enhanced Junior Voicemail Plus




Enhanced Junior Voicemail Plus holds up to 5 messages for up to 24 hours with a 30 second message length and 30 second outgoing greeting.  Also includes Numeric Retrieval 

Standard Voicemail



Standard Voicemail holds up to 10 messages for up 24 hours with a 60 second message length and 30 second outgoing greeting.  Also includes numeric retrieval. 


Voicemail Plus



Voicemail Plus holds up to 15 messages for 72 hours with a 60 second message length and 30 second outgoing greeting.  Also includes numeric retrieval.


Executive Deluxe VoiceMail



 Executive Deluxe Voicemail holds up to 30 messages for 135 hours with a 180 second message length and 120 second outgoing greeting.  Also includes numeric retrieval.


Numeric Retrieval allows you to listen to the last 15 numeric pages that were sent to your pager, great if you accidentally erased a page or were outside of your coverage area. Numeric Retrieval is included with Custom VoicePrompt and all Voicemail Options.


Additional Options Monthly Rate Description
Pager Call Forwarding



Pager call forwarding allows pages sent to one pager to be forwarded to another pager.  (both pagers must be activated by PagersDirect and in the same coverage area)


Pager Phone Number Change




We will change the pager phone number once for free and $5 for each additional pager phone number change.


Temporary Coverage Change


$5.00/per change


If you are traveling to a different area outside of your local coverage area, we may be able to offer coverage in the new area.  A minimum charge of $5.00 per calendar month for the change in coverage will apply.  Actual rates depend on if we need to expand your existing coverage or just change to another local coverage area.  A pager phone number change may be required.


Additional Pager Phone Number


$6.00/ per number


If you would like to have additional pager phone numbers ringing to your pager, a charge of $6.00 per number in addition to any extra cost options will apply.


Message Carbon Copy




additional destinations @ $4.95 each)



Message carbon copy also known as MCC allows pages sent to your pager to also be send to an email address and/or a text messaging address.  With this option, you can have pages sent to your cellphone and/or your email address so you could have a log of all messages sent to your pager.  This is a very popular option.

Add additional cell phones, email addresses or iphones using the pager app for just $4.95/month per additional destination.



Virtual Paging



Same rates as basic local rate plans listed at top of page.

(Each additional destination $4.95/month each)


Same Rates as Base Rate Plans at top of this page. Pager Phone number may ring to an email address, text messaging address on a cell phone or via the iphone pager app.

Add additional cell phones, email addresses or iphones using the pager app for just $4.95/month per additional destination.


 **Monthly rate is only available for existing customers wishing to switch to monthly payments.  There is a minimum 3 months of service required with all pagers purchased with NEW activation with the exception of our virtual paging service.

PagersDirect Maintenance Plan...

If your PagersDirect pager should ever fail under normal use, PagersDirect at it's discretion will repair or replace your pager at no additional charge.*  This plan covers malfunctioning and/or non receiving pagers only...Cosmetic damage, liquid and/or  physical damage is not covered by this plan (see no fault protection plan below).  *If failed pager is no longer available, there may be a small upgrade fee to exchange your malfunctioning pager for the latest pager model. 

Loss, Theft, Damage Protection Plan and No-Fault Protection Plan...

If your pager is lost, stolen or damaged beyond economically feasible repair, you may replace your numeric pager for only $39.95 to $45 Most Alpha numeric pagers replace for $39.95 to $100 and 2-way pager replacement  prices will vary.  Replacement pager prices may vary depending on  the current models available at the time of replacement.

Select our No-Fault Protection Plan on any of our annual paging plans:  For just $18/year per pager, we will replace most pagers for just a $20 deductible regardless of the reason.  Up to 2 losses per 12 month service period are allowed.  You may even order your first pager covered under this plan at time of pager order.  (No-Fault Protection plan is available for most pagers ordered with a prepaid 12 month plan or higher and must be selected at time of initial pager/service purchase and must be selected for all pagers on a customer's account).

New Spare Pager Option is now available at time of purchase...

Purchase a spare pager when you order your new pager and in the event your pager is lost/stolen or damaged, you won't have to wait for a new replacement to arrive.  Just a quick phone call to PagersDirect at 1-877-472-4370 and we will move your pager phone number from the lost/stolen/damaged pager to the spare pager.  This option is highly recommended for Doctors and other professionals that can't be without their pager.

Rates valid on internet and phoned in orders only.
Rate plans and promotions at dealers may vary. Consult PagersDirect for special group rates and association discounts. Ask about our low price match policy.
Regular priced Local Numeric Service includes unlimited monthly page allowance on local frequencies, maintenance plan, and loss/theft/damage protection. maintenance plan covers pager due to normal wear and tear but not due to negligence, loss or theft. Loss/theft/damage protection replaces pager at a reduced price in the event of a total loss.

Value Added Service Package now available...Choose any voicemail option starting at $2/month or higher along with the Message Carbon Copy option at $4.95/month and get a $5/month discount on base paging service when prepaying annually. (available on select pagers with new service activation)

 (1) 5000 pages per month allowance averages out to over 160 pages a day every day of the month or 10 pages per hour for 16 hours straight. 99.9% of our paging customers receive less than 500 pages per month.  If you are one of the few customers that approaches or goes over the limit, your pager service may be terminated by the paging carrier and charged .25 per page over 5000.




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Have a question?, Need Help? Call PagersDirect Toll Free 1-877-472-4370


PagersDirect Customer Care Phone Center Hours are: 10am to 7pm eastern time Monday through Friday. You may also contact PagersDirect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our online support link at the top of this page. 

To help make the ordering process as simple and seamless as possible:

Please enter your name, address, city, state, zip and contact phone number exactly as your credit/debit card issuer or as paypal has your information on file or your order may be delayed, declined or canceled by our security system.

You will also need the 3 digit ccv code found on the back of your credit/debit card or the 4 digit code found on the front of American Express. If this code is incorrect, your order will be automatically declined.

Motorola Pagers featured on the PagersDirect website are factory refurbished, and fully guaranteed against malfunction.  As with all PagersDirect Pagers currently offered....They also come with the PagersDirect maintenance plan which will repair or replace a malfunctioning pager (not due to physical or liquid damage) free of charge as long as the pager remains in service and the account is current with PagersDirect.   Most Motorola pagers look Brand New, however some models such as the Motorola LS750 may have slight cosmetic differences than the images pictured on our site that will in no way interfere with the operation or reception of the pagers.  If you are looking for Brand New pagers, please consider the Apollo and Unication lineup of pagers also featured on our site.

Why doesn't PagersDirect sell Brand New Motorola Pagers?  Motorola has not manufactured the pagers featured on our site for over 14 years.  Other paging companies offering Motorola pagers are also selling refurbished product although they may not mention it on their websites or literature.

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