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PagersDirect Telephone Answering Service

PagersDirect is pleased to offer our 24 hour / 365 day Live Operator Answering Service.

Available in 5 tiered rate categories.  PagersDirect has simplified the somewhat confusing answering services available today and tied it together with our easy to use online activation system.  Servicing the entire United States, we feature an English speaking staff of professional and courteous operators working in a state of the art answering service center located near Atlantic City, NJ. 

Benefits of our answering service are no overcall charges, courteous and professional operators taking accurate messages and multiple contact options custom designed for your specific answering service needs.

The majority of our clients are small businesses, medical professional and real estate related entities providing after hours emergency service as well as call overflow service for busy business, offices and receptionists that are temporarily unavailable to accept calls.

Unlike our competitors, we do not charge a deceptive base rate and then a per message or per minute charge which often inflates an otherwise reasonable rate.

Our tiered plans are listed below:

Emergency Plan: $39.95/month includes up to 25 calls per month via toll free phone number.  This is designed for specific low use applications such as an alarm activation, elevator breaking down after hours, emergencies during holidays, after hours or other events not likely to occur regularly.

Low Use Plan: $99.95/month includes up to 100 calls per month via toll free phone number.  This is our plan for low usage. It will cover you for the occasional call and is a good fit between our emergency and bronze plans.

Bronze Plan: $199.95/month includes up to 200 calls per month via toll free phone number.  This is our most popular plan and will cover you for your regular after hours, emergency and call overflow needs.

Silver Plan: $499.95/month includes up to 500 calls per month via toll free phone number.  This is for  our customers that find that they are experiencing a heavier call volume.  Perfect for larger medical practices and tenant response applications.

Gold Plan: $999.95/month includes up to 1000 calls per month via toll free phone number.  Service also includes an alpha numeric pager with local service.

Platinum Plan: $1999.95/month includes up to 2000 calls per month. Our largest volume plan for our heaviest usage customers.  Plan also includes an alpha numeric pager with nationwide coverage.

Customized plans for larger corporate customers needing in excess of 2000 calls per month also available.  Contact PagersDirect Answering Service Assistance for your specific needs at 1- 877- 472-4370 ext 740

Here is how it works:

Some of our customers use the toll free number that we provide as the number that they provide their customers.  Our toll free numbers are not transportable meaning if you decide at a later date to discontinue or transfer your service, you will not be able to use our toll free number as it remains the property of our answering service.  Therefore, most of our customers forward their existing phone number to the toll free number that we provide and the toll free number remains invisible to end users.

  You will want to tell us how you would like your calls answered.  For example:

If you would like your callers to know that they have reached your answering service, we may answer as "XYZ widget company's answering service how may I help you" or you may want the fact that your answering service is taking the call unknown to your caller.  Then you may want us to answer "XYZ widget company, how may I assist you?"

2.  Tell us the order that you would like us to notify you and via which notification method.

For example.  Contact #1:   Bob Smith

Home Phone#: 856- 555- 1212, if no answer call Cell Phone#: 609-555-5555, if no answer call Pager #: 609-555-1212

or you may want to designate certain contacts for certain functions.  For example if we are answering your calls for after hours emergency service, you may want us to contact the Plumber at one number, the Electrician at another number and the rental manager at a third number or have multiple contact numbers for each contact and list their priority.

3.  Call Screening.  Let us know a little about your business or medical practice. You may designate call screening and times that you would like to be notified or not be notified of a call.  For example, if we receive a call at 3am asking general questions and a request to be called back during regular business hours, you may not want to be notified until the next business day during regular business hours.  However, if your alarm company calls to alert us of an alarm going off in your office, you may want us to wake you up and find you or the next contact on your list as this may be an emergency.

4.  Tell us if you need any special options such as a daily fax listing all of your messages or a wake up call every morning.

You may designate up to 5 contact phone numers on our online order form.  You may have an unlimited amount of contacts, however if you need more than 5, please contact us at 1-877-472-4370 ext 740 to set up your account.

Once you submit your order and payment is made by credit card, we will notify you by email of your new toll free phone number and you will be ready to go.  If you need to make any changes, please notfiy us using our online support ticket system.  Updates can be made the same day if we receive the support ticket by 1pm eastern time.  Otherwise updates will take place the next business day.

Get Started today!   Click on the link below to order your Personalized Telephone Answering Service

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PagersDirect Customer Care Phone Center Hours are: 10am to 7pm eastern time Monday through Friday. You may also contact PagersDirect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our online support link at the top of this page. 

To help make the ordering process as simple and seamless as possible:

Please enter your name, address, city, state, zip and contact phone number exactly as your credit/debit card issuer or as paypal has your information on file or your order may be delayed, declined or canceled by our security system.

You will also need the 3 digit ccv code found on the back of your credit/debit card or the 4 digit code found on the front of American Express. If this code is incorrect, your order will be automatically declined.

Motorola Pagers featured on the PagersDirect website are factory refurbished, and fully guaranteed against malfunction.  As with all PagersDirect Pagers currently offered....They also come with the PagersDirect maintenance plan which will repair or replace a malfunctioning pager (not due to physical or liquid damage) free of charge as long as the pager remains in service and the account is current with PagersDirect.   Most Motorola pagers look Brand New, however some models such as the Motorola LS750 may have slight cosmetic differences than the images pictured on our site that will in no way interfere with the operation or reception of the pagers.  If you are looking for Brand New pagers, please consider the Apollo, Daviscomms,  Sun Telecom and Unication lineup of pagers also featured on our site.

Why doesn't PagersDirect sell Brand New Motorola Pagers?  Motorola has not manufactured the pagers featured on our site for over 13 years.  Other paging companies offering Motorola pagers are also selling refurbished product although they may not mention it on their websites or literature.

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